Unwavering belief drives Vanessa Sprague’s support of son Lachie and his global dream

“I need everyone to be determined and believe this is going to happen”

It took just 13 words for Lachlan Smart’s family to get on board with his Wings Around the World (WATW) dream and pledge their unwavering support for the Sunshine Coast teenager, and now within three months of his departure for his record breaking solo flight around the world, the preparation is stepping up a gear.

While Lachlan is busy familiarising himself with international customs protocol and learning the ins and outs of ferry flying on a trip from Toulouse, France back to Port Moresby over the coming days, the WATW team is preparing for this Saturday’s next fundraiser, a golden age of aviation themed hangar party, an event Lachlan’s mother Vanessa Sprague said will be a great event for everyone involved.

“I can’t wait for this Saturday, it will be a lot of fun. We are going to transform the hangar into the theme celebrating the golden age of aviation and we hope for a great atmosphere,” Vanessa said.

“A lot of the people that are already coming aren’t especially aviation enthusiasts, but it’s going to be a fun night and there will be something for everyone – I have my 1920’s themed dress ready for it!”

“I’m so proud to be supporting Lachlan with this. He’s just a kid from Nambour who’s had a regular upbringing and from the start he has had the whole family on board” – Vanessa Sprague

The fundraiser on Saturday will be a mix of preparation and pleasure for the WATW team as they get a chance to enjoy the night, but also take crucial steps forward in helping raise funds for Lachlan’s trip, a process that Vanessa says has been challenging so far.

“I’m so proud to be supporting Lachlan with this. He’s just a kid from Nambour who’s had a regular upbringing and from the start he has had the whole family on board,” she said.

“We see how determined and grateful he is for the support. He’s a young man who can put his mind to things, stay focused and this is his dream, of course we’re putting everything into supporting him.

“Without a doubt the fundraising process has been very hard, but you need to be determined and not give in. We are slowly finding the right people to talk to and hoping that they all jump on board.

“The support we have had from local companies so far has been great, and we hope that many more can join. This is a trip that will be great for the Sunshine Coast and will add to the list of achievements from people in our region.

“More than that, we want to the community to be a part of Wings Around the World, and that’s what this Saturday is about. It’s something different and we encourage people to come along with their friends and family and become a part of this world record, it’s been a rollercoaster so far and Lachie hasn’t even departed yet. It’s very exciting.”

This Saturday’s hangar party will be held at Aero Dynamic Flight Academy at Maroochydore Airport, beginning at 6pm. Guests are invited to come dressed in the theme of the ‘Golden Age of Aviation’, with the best dressed receiving awards. There will also be live music, food and drinks available on the night.

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