Threads to impress, Sisley know best

In any gruelling venture, you need to be properly prepared and there are few things that are more unrelenting than long distance aviation, particularly in light aircraft. There is no room for mistakes, second chances are rare.

So, everything has to be right, and that includes what pilots wear.

In my case, I had to have a flight suit which was comfortable, warm but not stifling in potentially hot climates, also cool but not cold in cold climates. But it also had to be comfortable and have the design flexibility to provide what I needed.

The team at Sisley Clothing were a huge help to me in fulfilling these requirements for my suits, everything from the choice of fabric, the fitting to my body shape, the individual design features for badge identification purposes, pockets for specific items I may need in different circumstances and facilities to carry items I alone might need, like a personal locator beacon.

These all had to be designed into a piece of clothing which allowed free movement. Storage pockets in the suit also had to be situated in places which did not conflict with pieces of the aircraft cockpit.

Sisley Clothing were not only able to provide this individual product in a timely way, but were also able to help with specialist advice and support.

On the longer flights, from Hawaii to California, a 14-hour journey, the last thing needed was to be uncomfortable, in a single seat with little room to even stretch. There is no room to stand up and walk around, so comfort is paramount and I have to say that my flight suit was brilliant.

By no means was that journey comfortable, but that was because I was 14 hours sitting in one place. The comfort of the flight suit actually eased the discomfort!

So, a big thank you to all the team at Sisley Clothing, the knowledge, experience and dedication you put into your products shows and deserves to be recognised.