The weekend aviator – Archer Falls ‘Fly In – Drive In’

With top weather predicted this weekend, Lachlan Smart is on the move and he is headed for the ‘Fly In – Drive In’ at Archer Falls Airfield in Mount Archer, Queensland with both his parents, the trip coming at the invitation of the event organisers.

As the planning for Wings Around the World (WATW) continues, so does Smart’s mission to build up as many flying hours as possible, with this weekend the chance to mix airtime with meeting fellow aviators, while enjoying some downtime with his family.

With the event beginning today, Smart and his parents will pack the camping gear in the back of a Piper Arrow and set off for Archer Falls where they will land and camp for the night alongside a whole host of attendees.

The event will be highlighted by a vintage aircraft display from the TAVAS Group, hands on action flights from the Sunshine Coast Aero Club, extreme aerobatic adventure flights with the Ultimate Thrill Ride, a C47 cockpit display by the Pacific Dakota Restoration and adventure flights in a Cessna Bird Dog.

For Smart the weekend represents an opportunity to mix with fellow flying enthusiasts, with many from the regional aviation community attending. While meeting people is one thing, talking about WATW will be a large part of the weekend as Smart continues to spread his message about youth and aviation and the challenge he anticipates taking on next year.

Time permitting, Smart may also take a few lucky attendees skyward to experience the joy of flight and to show them just how capable he is at the controls of an aircraft. Among those, he hopes will be a few familiar faces from the last time he attended a fly in at Archer Falls.

With a mantra at Archer Falls that “Archer Falls was developed by flyers, for flyers, for the good of flying”, there is no doubt that the weekend will be an enjoyable one for the aviation community, and will present that chance to spread the word that in 2016, Smart will break a world record!

If you want to find out more about the ‘Fly In – Drive In’ at Archer Falls check out their website HERE.

(Heading images courtesy Archer Falls Airfield –