The final fortnight Q&A with Lachlan Smart, Part IV

In the final fortnight before Lachlan Smart departs for his trip around the world that has been two and a half years in the planning, we sat down with him to get his thoughts on where he is at, what he has learned, ask about his plane and finally, discuss details of the trip.


Part IV – The trip, fatigue & preparation

There was a half-Australia trip recently, how did you go flying every day for about a week?

I handled it really well, the fatigue didn’t hit me too badly. Towards the end I did get a little tired as the days built up.

How do you expect to manage your fatigue and any stress over 7.5 weeks?

In almost every location I have extra days, so I will be managing my fatigue be ensuring I have appropriate rest. There are only handful of back to back flights throughout the trip.

I only have one, and in some instances two or three days in between legs, and that will allow me to conduct the flight safely and ensure everything is sorted out and ready to go well in advance of the next time I jump into the plane.

Which part of the trip are you looking forward to the most?

I am really looking forward to the United Kingdom, I have a week there and the aircraft will be maintained over that time. I also get to see family and finally, at the end of that week I get to fly over the white cliffs of Dover. That has been a dream of mine.

In saying that, I am also looking forward to the USA and the aviation aspect of things there.

It’s been a busy time so far, but what has been the best part of the preparation so far?

It has actually been very stressful and that isn’t always enjoyable. But I have kept the big picture in sight and focusing on delivering my message to as many people as possible.

The best part is that I have a really great team around me, and they all believe in this and they want it to succeed, and that has been really enjoyable.

People have likened this to Ryan Campbell and Jessica Watson, and it is…but it isn’t just about chasing records is it? How important is your message?

Surprisingly, the reasoning behind this trip isn’t just the record, the fact that the record exists is just a bonus. The real reason for the trip is the message behind it, it’s about achieving high goals.

Really, if I, a kid from Nambour on Sunshine Coast can plan this trip to fly around the world over two and a half year period, imagine what we could do with a whole generation with like-minded thinking!

Do you think this will inspire others, especially in your community?

I wouldn’t be doing this trip if I didn’t know it wasn’t inspiring others, it the whole reason I am doing this. I love seeing it all work and take off. If others chase their dreams, that is just excellent!