The final fortnight Q&A with Lachlan Smart, Part II

In the final fortnight before Lachlan Smart departs for his trip around the world that has been two and a half years in the planning, we sat down with him to get his thoughts on where he is at, what he has learned, ask about his plane and finally, discuss details of the trip.


Part II – What have been the most significant learnings for Lachie so far?

Q: You’re only 18, what has been the biggest learning curve so far? 

LS: I think as teenagers, we have a tendency to feel that we know everything and don’t need the opinions of other people…but we do. I have had to learn to listen to others, and really nail down that life skill. I think that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason, so I have had to take notice of that.

I’ve also learned a lot about planning. You always need an A and B plan, but to be properly prepared plans C and D cannot be far behind!

Q: There’s been a lot of support – especially in the past few months, it doesn’t go unnoticed does it? 

LS: Not at all, the support we have had has been nothing short of excellent. Everything from the fly-ins to our dinners, partners, sponsors, media and the general community has been great. It really does give me extra confidence to see that and it is vital for me to have that before I depart to head around the world.

“I think as teenagers, we have a tendency to feel that we know everything and don’t need the opinions of other people…but we do” – Lachlan Smart

Q: Sponsorship is a hard game, what have you learnt? 

LS: It is. But to me it hasn’t just been learning about sponsorship, but also business in general. Every sponsorship is essentially a business transaction; it’s about what two parties can give each other…quid pro quo (this for that).

Working with the team on sponsorship has given me a good head start on my future plans with my Young Achievers International business, it has been great learning and I love to learn new, practical things. I think I am even warming to the idea of maybe completing tertiary studies (I think).

Q: How great are your partners?

LS: It’s been excellent to have the support of individuals and larger corporations alike. There are things that I just cannot do logistically on my own, and it is a huge support to see people buy into Wings Around the World both physically and tangibly, and not just on an emotional level.

Q: We bet you’ve never listened to so much Hot 91 in your life?! 

LS: Absolutely not! It’s exciting to have these guys on board with us! (Read more about the partnership with Hot91 FM HERE)