The final fortnight Q&A with Lachlan Smart, Part I

In the final fortnight before Lachlan Smart departs for his trip around the world that has been two and a half years in the planning, we sat down with him to get his thoughts on where he is at, what he has learned, ask about his plane and finally, discuss details of the trip.


Part I – How Lachlan Smart feels about Wings Around the World with so little time to go

Q: Just under 2 weeks until you leave, what are you thinking?

Lachlan: At the moment I’m not excited or nervous, I’m just focused. I have a bit of time to go, but I think, as my departure date gets closer, I will definitely begin to feel more excited.

Q: It seems like yesterday you announced this air venture, where has the time gone?

L: It’s incredible how fast things have gone and the progress that has been made. I remember when we were at a year to go, it seems like yesterday. Now we’re within two weeks, I don’t know where the time has gone, but it’s exciting!

“Yes, I will admit that I am a bit nervous. I think that is only natural.” – Lachlan Smart

Q: What will you be doing in the days leading up to your departure?

L: I leave for another preparation flight out to Norfolk Island and back soon to make sure all the systems are working, and I am doing that alongside another very experienced pilot.

In the immediate days before I depart I will be preparing everything in the aircraft to make sure I know where everything from my lunch box to my survival equipment is kept (one and the same, right?).

We also have our great departure event and I guess I should say goodbye to family too.

IMG_7880 copy
Before Wings Around the World was publicly launched – it’s come a long way!

Q: Are you nervous?

L: Yes, I will admit that I am a bit nervous. I think that is only natural.

Having a few nerves will keep me on my toes. It isn’t a nervousness that makes me scared or uncomfortable, nothing like that. It’s a good safety net to be this nervous.

I am comfortable in my own company, so spending so much time on my own will not be an issue. I am maybe more worried about mum, but she will be fine!