Risk mitigation the focus with Cirrus training success

With the preparation for Wings Around the World continuing, Lachlan Smart has recently completed specific training for the Cirrus SR22 aircraft, which he plans to use on his record breaking around the world flight.

The Cirrus Conversion Training is aimed at familiarising pilots with the high performance Cirrus aircraft, which includes learning the systems and individualities of the aircraft encompassing the avionics as well as the advanced Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

With all the training provided by AVIA Aviation, Lachlan was able to not only expand his experience and knowledge, but also continue the work on his extensive safety management plan by familiarising himself with the unique CAPS safety system, that in the case of a life-threatening emergency is a crucial component of his trip.

AVIA, who are a Melbourne based flight school have made a name as one of the leading fixed wing aviation schools and are aligned with Cirrus Melbourne dealership. Using their specific training facility is one of the many aspects of Lachlan’s preparation.

With the CAPS training the first item on the menu, Lachlan progressed from the theory behind the CAPS system and its deployment through to a few hours in the simulator where he applied the theory and procedure, all the while building muscle memory for the use of the system.

The remainder of his time was spent in the aircraft and a day of poor weather aside, Lachlan was able to familiarise himself with the Cirrus SR20 first, before moving into the more powerful SR22, with the aim of learning everything from general aircraft handling, circuits to engine and electrical failures as well as the advanced avionics and autopilot systems.

With Lachlan now returned to the Sunshine Coast, planning and the all important flight training continues for the Wings Around the World trip. There are plenty of exciting opportunities and potential new partnerships in the pipeline, with more information to follow in the coming weeks!

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