Partners – We are looking for you!

As Wings Around The World (WATW) continues to gain momentum, there are now opportunities for organisations and individuals to join this Guinness World Record challenging project as official partners.

WATW is the creation of 17-year-old Lachlan Smart who is bidding to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, in a single engine aircraft, when he sets off for the estimated 10-week 24,000 nautical mile journey in the middle of 2016.

Should Smart break the record, his feat will be akin to that achieved by sailor Jessica Watson who circumnavigated the world solo in 2010 and add to the narrative of young Australian’s achieving high goals.

Organisations such as Ella Baché partnered with Watson during her quest and achieved outstanding results, and WATW presents the next platform that has the capacity to provide partners with similar opportunities.

Just as important as breaking the world record, is the commitment Smart has to presenting, especially to youth, that dreams can be achieved now matter how big or small. Age, size and circumstances are not limiting factors; instead they only lie as challenges worth overcoming for a final outcome. It is this ethos that Smart hopes to share with like-minded partners.

Opportunities with WATW range from financial contributions, through to partnering the team for events to take place throughout the preparation and conclusion of the trip, while the chance to assist with in-kind goods and services is also present.

With each partnership option comes the chance for individuals or organisations to integrate themselves with a truly global challenge that will generate publicity at each of the stops around the world, while maintaining a presence domestically in Australia, throughout this world circumnavigation odyssey.

For further information about WATW partnership opportunities contact Phil Harrip –