Mum’s Memories: Where do the years go?

Where do the years go? I know I’m not the only parent to ask this question. As I write this blog, that I have chosen to call “Mum’s Memories”, I am getting teary!

Children don’t come with a manual so we do what we think is right, and a good thing, at the time. I certainly wasn’t thinking about steering Lachie in any particular direction when I started taking him to the airport at the age of three – I was just trying to keep a toddler entertained for a couple of hours! Little did I know that not only were these moments of sharing a bucket of hot chips and watching planes take off and land quality time together (and a break for me!) they were planting a seed in a very active brain.

Lachie is my only child and was such a joy to have around. He still is – it’s just very different now. We spent lots of one-on-one time together when he was growing up whether it was camping, riding our bikes to the beach or just playing games together. A great memory I have is of us cooking a BBQ in the backyard of the two bedroom duplex we were renting and then putting up a tent in the bindi-filled back yard to sleep in for the night!

BBQ Photo

Lachie was always a very active and outgoing child. He spent a lot of time around adults and so his vocabulary and social skills developed quite early. I never did the “baby talk” thing with him and looking back now this obviously played a major part in his public speaking abilities today. Again, not something I was thinking about at the time.

Responsibility is an area Lachie has always excelled in. Sometimes this earnt him some disdain from other kids who wanted to push the boundaries that bit too far but he wouldn’t cave in. Don’t get me wrong – Lachie tried to push the boundaries too. I remember distinctly one day telling Lachie not to touch something and he slowly moved his finger towards it while looking me in the eye to see what I would do. From memory he didn’t go through with it though because he had respect for the boundaries I had set.

This brings me to the next quality I am so proud to say Lachie excels in. Respect. Not only for others, but for himself. This has led him to aim high and strive to achieve his goals. I have seen how he has applied himself in the past and, based on this and how he is working towards his dream of flying solo around the world, I have no doubt he can achieve this as well.

Lachie is an amazing young man and I know that if you are following his journey you probably agree. My heart just bursts with pride when I hear him speak with such confidence and conviction about the message he wants to share through this flight but I just want to point out that he is just like any other teenager in so many ways. I still have to tell him to clean his room and put sunscreen on! At least these things won’t be issues when he is flying!

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.21.38 pm

As I said at the beginning, I am calling this blog “Mum’s Memories”. This one has been about past memories of Lachie but later blogs in the lead up to this trip will form part of memories that I will look back on (and share with my grandchildren!) when Lachie has achieved this milestone. I hope you will join me on this journey.


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