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Follow Lachie as he makes his way around the world!

While Lachie may be away for 7.5 weeks, you can keep track of his every move while he is away. We have two options, the first is to watch his LIVE flight tracking data or (and we think this is kind of cool), You can subscribe for a premium access package!

For just A$40.00 a WATW Premium Access package not only supports fund the last part of Lachie’s flight, it also GIVES YOU:

  • Private notes and blogs, extra to what the public will see
  • Access to private video footage
  • Access to LIVE STREAMING from the cockpit*

Imagine following Lachie around some of the world’s most astonishing locations, such as amazing Icelandic terrain, the White Cliffs of Dover, or even the stunning Cable Beach as he touches down back in Australia!

Not sure about cockpit footage from an aircraft? 2.2 million people can’t be wrong, check out THIS VIDEO

WATW Premium Access Package available NOW CLICK HERE to register your interest. 

*Subscribers understand and accept that Live Streaming of short duration video from a moving light aircraft has technical limitations of connectivity to local LTE networks (3G and 4G) around the world, which may preclude transmission of the feed. In any case, the LTE network will not be available for the majority of the journey. It is generally only available in sufficient strength over populated or significant locations. In addition, flying the aircraft takes precedence over controlling video feed, so it may be that Lachie has to concentrate on aviation, not video. In these cases, Live Streaming will not be activated. The LTE network speed does not permit high definition reproduction, and the video will be taken from a moving aircraft through the cockpit canopy, so video resolution cannot be as high as your television. By proceeding to subscribe to Premium Access, subscribers understand that the Live Streaming portion of the package may be intermittent. The other features of Premium Access, personal blogs, videos and reports from inside the support team will support subscription value. Live Streaming delivery operates on the Google+ and YouTube platforms, so works best when subscribers have a Google account. Subscribers using a Google email address with registration for both Google+ social media platform and YouTube will have access to all the aspects of Premium Access.

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