July 20 to be known as ‘Wings Around the World Day’

A visit to Niagara Falls wasn’t all that was on the menu for Lachie in the past few days. On Wednesday, he attended a presentation at city hall, where he was presented with the keys to the city. Not only that, but Mayor Paul Dyster also named July 20, 2016 as Wings Around the World Day! 

You can read more about & view a video of the ceremony HERE

You can also read the full proclamation of Wings Around the World day below, with images of the key to the city, and official proclamation also below.

Office of the Mayor – City of Niagara Falls, New York


WHEREAS,     it is important to recognize those who with vision and persistence attempt to accomplish record breaking feats, inspiring others to believe and fulfil dreams; and

WHEREAS,     18 yr. old Lachlan Smart, of Australia, founded the Wings Around the World organization, which is the platform for this venture of flying around the world solo, in a single engine aircraft; and

WHEREAS,     in June 2016, Lachlan Smart departed from the East coast of Australia and is planning to travel around the globe in the span of ten weeks to cover 24,000 nautical miles including 26 stops in 20 countries on five continents; and

WHEREAS,     Lachlan Smart is the youngest person in history to attempt to circumnavigate the earth in a single engine aircraft; and

WHEREAS,     the mission of Lachlan Smart and Wings Around the World is to send the message to people, especially the youth that setting goals and achieving dreams are possible, no matter how big or small, and that age, size and circumstance are not limiting factors, but can be worthwhile challenges to be met; and

WHEREAS,     Lachlan Smart will be stopping in Niagara Falls, NY on July 19th—21st, before he departs from Toronto, ON and continues his quest.


Now therefore be it resolved, that I, Paul Dyster, as Mayor of the City of Niagara Falls, NY do hereby recognize Lachlan Smart for his vision and courage as he circumnavigates our earth and inspires the youth and all ages to set goals and follow dreams. I proclaim July 20, 2016 as Wings Around the World Day, in the City of Niagara Falls, NY in honor of this brave young man, and encourage our youth to follow Lachlan’s progress and hold onto the hope and faith in order to cultivate our own new dreams.


GIVEN, under my hand and the seal of the City of Niagara Falls this 20th Day of July, 2016

Official proclamation
Key to the city
The key & smaller replica key