Expectations vs. Reality – We’ve come a long way

A good team is everything, and so far throughout my journey my team has proved to be essential in helping me sort out what is and isn’t important, while also managing my expectations in terms of what is realistically possible.

It’s fair to say that when I set out with this dream I thought it would be easier than it has been. All I would need to do is pick up the phone, have a chat to a few people who would be keen to support (because, why wouldn’t they?) and then all I needed to do is give them some advertising space on a plane. Simple.

What I didn’t think about was the immense amount of planning that goes into this undertaking, and I’m not just talking in terms of the technical/flying side of things.

Wrapped up in the package of what is now ‘Wings Around the World’ is commercial elements, a media team, flight instructors, operational matters, new partners and of course people to keep me grounded in what I expect of myself and my team.

Like anything, the more involved you become in a project, the more new aspects of what is required arise. What began as an idea that an Aussie teenager would go for a flight around the world and be welcomed with open arms by every country he passes through, has turned into a reality of careful planning and conscientious thought of how it will all work out.

Without going into too much detail there are things to consider such as how many different VISA’s I will need throughout the trip; which permits will be required; where, when, how I will refuel the aircraft; where I will book accommodation. There are so many elements that will need to work cohesively to succeed.

Add to that list that I will (hopefully) have partners to keep updated, a website to update, social media chat and media opportunities – all whilst managing the operations of the trip. The actual flight may only be 10 weeks in duration, but it has already been two years of background work and preparation.

While this is a solo trip and it is me that will take the reigns of the plane, I have a dependable group of family and professionals who have varying levels of aviation experience, and importantly I have a core assembly of people who have been through this before to guide me.

I trust the people on my team, and they trust that I can get the job done. The reality of what we are trying to achieve may be moving further away from the expectations I had at the outset, but we have a sound strategy and it is with this team that I believe we will achieve what we have set out to do.

– Lachie