Country music capital makes it 25 locations for Lachlan Smart

Lachlan Smart will make his way to the country music capital of the world on Sunday, when he touches down in Nashville, Tennessee, expanding his trip from 24 to 25 stops in the process.

The decision to add a stop in Nashville has been planned over the past week as a means to break up what would have been another lengthy flight from Fredericksburg, Texas to Niagara Falls, New York. The change ensures that Smart maintains astute practice of taking preventative fatigue measures wherever possible throughout his trip.

While safety is at the core of the decision, the chance to visit Nashville is also an opportunity to stop at a major USA city and gives the Sunshine Coast teenager a key opportunity to spread his message that age is just a number and should not limit aspiration.

Even with the extra stop, and a one-day delay to his long leg from Hawaii to California earlier in the week due to Hurricane Blas, Smart will stay on schedule. He’ll do this by shortening his stay in both Las Vegas and Fredericksburg, before making a two-night stop in Nashville in order to arrive at Niagara Falls on schedule.

In the immediate future, Smart will have another day in Las Vegas before making his way to Fredericksburg, via the Grand Canyon, which includes a unique stop at the ‘Hangar Hotel’ (see it here!), where Smart will be able to park his plane right next to the iconic building.

For an updated list of locations Smart will visit, please click here.