Cooroy Outside School Hours send Lachie some questions

Last week a few students that attend Cooroy Outside School Hours Care contacted Lachie with a few questions about his trip, so he did his best to answer them for the kids!

Don’t forget that Lachie is also doing a LIVE Facebook Q&A Sunday night (31/7) at 8pm EST! 


Why did you want to fly all around the world? – Zarah

Great question Zarah! As I grew up I found a passion for showing that young people can do anything, if you have a goal you need to go for it. So this is my way of showing young people that you CAN achieve your dreams!

Are you scared? – Indi

Not scared Indi, but definitely nervous at times. I am very confident in my skill as a pilot and that I have done all the planning I needed to. But there have been some very long flights, over a lot of water so far and I was a little nervous before those. But otherwise it has been a very fun adventure

What does it feel like being all alone? – Zarah

In the aeroplane I’m usually so busy that I don’t feel too lonely even when I am so far away! Sometimes when I’m on the ground I do feel a little lonely but then I remember all my friends and family are only a phone call away.

How long have you wanted to do this trip? – Mikayla

Three years ago in 2013 I saw a news story on a young Australian named Ryan Campbell who broke this record. Ever since that day, I knew I wanted to do this trip. Fortunately Ryan and I are now friends and he has been a supporter of mine during my preparation.

What food do you take on the plane with you? – Amber

Lots of little snacks Amber! It’s like having an endless morning tea break. I take some special muesli bars that are easy to store and give me enough energy to keep going. Sometimes the friends I make around the world give me some sandwiches. I don’t eat many lollies or chocolates, as they don’t give me enough sustained energy. There is also lots of water in the plane with me.

Have you seen any well-known monuments? – Riley  

So far I have seen a few Riley. While I was in America I flew over the Grand Canyon, Mississippi River and Niagara Falls. In a few days I will fly over the white cliffs of Dover too, which are in the United Kingdom.

Have you had to do any repairs? – Niko  

There have been a few repairs Niko, but fortunately they were all planned! My plane is like your mum or dad’s car and needs to be serviced by a mechanic from time to time. So I have planned service stops all around the world to make sure my plane is working the best it can be!

What kind of fuel do you put in your plane? – Niko

We use a special fuel called Avgas, which is made especially for planes like mine. It’s different to what the big passenger planes, which use jet fuel because they are powered by a different kind of engine to mine.

Is it fun going around the world? – Kyla

Kyla this trip has been so much fun! I have met lots of very nice people, been to some very cool countries and have been able to show people that dreams can really come true!

Do you get a sore backside sitting for so long? – Brooklyn  

Yes! Lucky for me, my dad helped me put some seat covers in my plane before I left, which makes it a little more comfortable!

Do you listen to music on the plane? What music do you like? – Boyd  

I do listen to music in the plane sometimes (when I’m not too busy doing other jobs!) and I have a bit of a unique taste in music. I love listening to jazz and the ‘Crooner’ type songs, like Michael Bublé.

How fast does your plane go? – Riley

For a little aeroplane with one engine it is actually quite quick! I usually sit around 160 knots, which is about 300km/h!

Where is your favourite place you’ve stopped at so far? – Riley

I stayed at a place called ‘The Hangar Hotel’ in Texas, which was very very cool. But nothing beats landing in the UK and having family waiting for you. That was very special.

I have a bear that wears pyjamas; it’s called ‘Pyjama Teddy’. Why did you call your bear Freddy? – Maddie

What a lucky Teddy, he gets to wear pyjamas all day! My bear is named Freddy because it rhymes with Teddy, and I think he looks a bit like a Freddy too!