What Next for Lachie? February 28, 2017

It has now been 6 months since I returned from the epic world flight that saw me cover 45,000kms in 21 locations aroun

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Pilot's Blog: The finish line is in sight August 25, 2016

My last week and a half before reaching familiar Aussie soil was not without a hitch. From Egypt I encountered trouble

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Pilot's Blog: #Lexit, Europe & into the Middle East! August 12, 2016

During my time in Europe I was able to experience a wide variety of cultures, foods and landscapes, from the picturesq

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Pilots Blog: Atlantic Crossing - Will I need a jumper? August 5, 2016

As with all things on this trip, there is a plan A, plan B and plan C, and this crossing was no exception. Before begi

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Hooroo America, onwards to Canada! July 22, 2016

Flying in the USA has been as satisfying as doing a Tim Tam Slam - using that delicious chocolate biscuit as a straw t

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Pilots Blog: Little Plane vs. Big Ocean - The big leg to California July 16, 2016

The irritating sound of my alarm bursts through the silence of a nice summer's night in Hawaii to tell me the time has

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