Archer Falls – The Finer Details

Archer Falls – The Finer Details

The weekend of the Archer Falls Fly-In/Drive-In is upon us, and the venue is ready for a day that will include vintage aircraft displays, hands on flights and extreme aerobatic adventure flights along with classic cars.

The event is the first of a string of major fundraisers for Wings Around the World, which is anticipating a departure date for Lachlan smart in late June 2O16.

Aside from a vast array if displays there will be meals available, live music and raffles as well as unpowered camping sites with toilet and shower facilities for those that wish to make a weekend of it.

Above all else, the event is a chance to meet Lachie and find out about his ambition to become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe solo, in a single engine aircraft. It’s a record that was last held by an Australian in late 2013.

Importantly for those attending this weekend the physical address of the Archer Falls Airfield is:

Archer Falls Airfield

1253 Neurum Road, Neurum (Mt Archer)


For those lucky enough to be flying into the event (attention the pilots amongst us) please refer to the Archer Falls website for all airfield information.


Full details of the event are also HERE and below.

Archer Falls Fly In flyer