About us

What is Wings Around the World?

Wings Around the World has been created by Lachlan Smart in order to send a message to the people of Australia, particularly youth, showing that dreams can be achieved no matter how big or how small. Age, size and circumstances are not limiting factors; instead they lie only as challenges worth overcoming for a final outcome.

The idea of Wings Around the World has provided a platform from which an ideology that is important but sometimes forgotten: the ideology of achieving high goals through adversity, can be shared whilst still being able to embrace the dream of flying. Adversities are faced over time, however they do not have to limit the level at which success is achieved.

Wings Around the World will begin in June 2016 and take around 70 days covering almost 45,000km. If successful Wings Around the World pilot Lachlan Smart will become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe solo, in a single engine aircraft.

The Wings Around the World team

Lachlan has worked hard to assemble a world-class support team to ensure every last detail of the record attempt is managed for risk, with a focus on safety whilst providing partners of Wings Around the World with every opportunity to leverage their role in the project.

The expanding team includes:

  • Ryan Campbell – Australian former world record holder for the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe (2013)
  • Mike Gray – White Rose Aviation, the world’s leading ‘overflight and landing clearance’ specialist
  • Anthony Amos – US-based marketing and franchise business concept development guru
  • Dave Lyall – Public relations and talent management expert who managed Ryan Campbell’s successful world record attempt in 2013

Wings Around the World Reach

Historically, mind blowing record-breaking achievements by young Australians have captured the imagination of the media, and then the public, here and around the world.

From Jessica Watson to Ryan Campbell, every day people, both young and not so young, draw inspiration from the courage and dedication shown by those who dare to dream. The reach these high achievers garner is huge.

Traditional media outlets have shown a fascination with following the stories of these young people and there is an expectation that Wings Around the World will attract regular main-stream major metro press around Australia over a 16-month period, as well as internationally, as Lachlan progresses around the world.

The potential social media reach is also massive and Wings Around the World are planning on innovatively using a number of platforms to engage different audiences throughout different stages of the project.

With a powerful combination of traditional and social media, opportunities for Wings Around the World partners and sponsors to connect with target audiences and be associated with an achievement that will inspire a nation are immense.

One Teenager – One Engine – Endless Opportunities