A record to be claimed

The current record holder

On July 14, 2014, 19-year-old American Matt Guthmiller became the Guinness World Record™ holder as the youngest person to fly solo around the world. Matt completed his journey in 44 days and 12 hours making 23 stops in 15 countries across five continents.

Matt set the record as the youngest person to circumnavigate by aircraft, solo by completing his journey at the age of 19-years, 7 months and 15 days.

A history of the record

The catalyst for bringing this record to life was American/Jamaican Barrington Irving who at the age of 24 became the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the world solo, a feat completed in 2007. Irving also became the first black person and Jamaican to achieve this feat.

In 2012 then 22-year-old  Swiss pilot Carlo Schmid broke Irving’s record, completing his journey in 80 days, flying a Cessna 210 from July 11 to September 29, 2012.

The record was then fleetingly held by two young pilots, Malaysian Captain James Anthony Tan and soon after American Jack Wiegand.

Tan completed his trip at the age of 21-years, 344days in a trek known as ‘1 Malaysian Round the world Expedition (1RTW), his flight concluding in May 2013. The following month, on June 29,  2013 American Jack Wiegand broke the record to complete his trip at the age of 21-years, 7days.

On September 7 2013, the record entered new territory when it was broken by Australian pilot Ryan Campbell, who completed the trip at the age if 19-years and 237days old, turning the record into not just a competition between young pilots, but teenagers.

Campbell held the record for a more significant amount of time than his two predecessors, but he had also laid down a new challenge, which was taken on and bettered by Guthmiller.

Now, with the benchmark set, it is Lachlan Smart who believes he can break the mark set by Guthmiller, and take the record into the tender 18-years age bracket.