10 Burning Questions, 10 Day Countdown

With just days left until Lachie departs and Wings Around the World kicks off, we asked him 10 burning questions about the trip! We’ll post a new answer each day we count down!

10 Days to go (1)

ANSWER: I have a small portable toilet…or a bottle (if necessary)


10 Days to go (2)

ANSWER: Absolutely, it allows me to fly over the grand canyon! (It seems legit, Lachie isn’t over 21!)


10 Days to go (3)

ANSWER: I’ll make sure we chat regularly to let her know i’m doing ok!


10 Days to go (4)

ANSWER: It has it’s own parachute, which is an incredible safety feature!


10 Days to go (6)

ANSWER: We’ll have our LIVE STREAMING service ready to go but importantly, you can ALWAYS see where my plane is via Spidertracks!


10 Days to go (8)

ANSWER: Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall! I was lucky enough to meet Matt a few weeks ago at the Old Station Fly In & Heritage Show at Raglan a few weeks ago. It was a privilege to swap stories with Australia’s fastest pilot!


10 Days to go (9)

ANSWER: It’s hard to single out one country above all else, honestly! But if I had to, I would say the USA is close to the top, just for the fact that it is somewhere I have always wanted to fly through…Grand Canyon anyone?


10 Days to go (10)

ANSWER: I’m not sure yet! There are plenty of places at home that I love…but I guess really, the world is my oyster!


Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 2.02.39 pm

ANSWER: No doubt, that is very, very cool! My team have worked so hard to make sure the paperwork is ready for that. Of course it isn’t the sole purpose of my trip, I want to help inspire others to chase their dreams too!


10 Days to go (1)

ANSWER: The people close to me have been absolutely incredible. My team, my friends, my family…I may be the the one doing this, but it didn’t happen without them. On top of that the public support is almost overwhelming. To have men older than I with more life experience coming up to me to say I have inspired them, it really means a lot.